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Service providers

⇒ Architect: Sankhla Associates

⇒ Legal Advisors: Paramnand Gujrati, Ramesh S.Giri

⇒ R.CC Consultant: Sanjeev Patel

⇒ Landscape Designer: Manish Bedarkar

⇒ Green Technology: Makers Power & Natural Resources Pvt Ltd

⇒ Network Partner: Makers Media Nine Network Pvt Ltd

⇒ Vaastu Consultant: Gurjee L.k.Bohra

⇒ Our Bankers: Punjab National Bank
                            Central Bank of India
                            Yes bank Ltd
                            Bank of India

Future Architects

  •     RSP Architects Planners & Engineers ( India) Pvt. Ltd. Banglore
  •     Design Plus
  •     APA Architects, New York, USA
  •     WoodHead International, Sydney, Australia
  •     Bose International, Mexico, USA
  •     F.X. Fowle Architects, New York, USA   


Future Landscape Architect

  •     ACL Pte Ltd. Singapore
  •     Belt Collins International, Singapore


Future Lighting Consultants: Bonsey Design Partnership, Singapore


Future Signage Consultants: Immortal The Design Station Pte Ltd., Singapore


Our Project Financers: State bank of india


Future Tie-ups for Project Financers

    ♦ Reliance Capital

    ♦ India Infoline

    ♦ India Bulls

    ♦ Dubai holdngs

    ♦ Venture Capital From USA

    ♦ Islamic Banks of Gulf & Asia

    ♦ Dewan Housing Finance Ltd